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The Real Witches Books

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It seems that a lot of people are coming here looking for the Real Witches’ books, so here they are for easy clicking.
If you want to read my blog, it’s below! Blessed Be! :)

The Real Witches' Handbook

The Real Witches’
The Real Witches' Craft

The Real Witches’ Craft
The Real Witches' Year

The Real Witches’ Year

The Real Witches' Kitchen

The Real Witches’ Kitchen
The Real Witches' Book of Spells and Rituals

The Real Witches’
Book of Spells
The Real Witches' Garden

The Real Witches’ Garden


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White Magic Spells

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white magic spells White Magic Spells

Let’s get this out of the way right now: there are no white magic spells.

In an effort to confront the many myths and misconceptions about witchcraft, you’ll hear a lot of talk about “white magic spells” or “white witches”. People who are uncomfortable with witchcraft seem to visibly relax when they hear the term “white” associated with anything. If you find that you have to use these terms to smooth over someone’s nervousness, that’s fine, but it’s important that you are well aware of the truth. There’s no fooling yourself here.

A spell is a tool, and like any tool, it can be used in a positive way, or a negative way. A hammer can be used to build a home for a family, or it can be used to bust an ex-boyfriend’s windshield. Like the hammer, how you use the spell is what counts. Someone can call herself a white witch, but if she uses her spell in the wrong way or with the wrong focus and it inadvertently ends up harming someone (and not from their own actions), then wouldn’t that make it anything but a white magic spell?

Let’s say someone you love is a heavy smoker. You’d really like her to stop. You could do a “white magic spell” to make her stop smoking. It wouldn’t harm her, right? Actually, it would be a white magic spell because if she stopped smoking she’d be more healthy, right? The spell has a good intention!

Wrong. A spell to make someone stop doing something is actively interfering with their will. That takes it from the realm of “white” and into the area of “grey” or even “black”. Even if you were to focus your spell on something as simple as making the smoker get an uncomfortable feeling whenever they’re about to light up a cigarette, that is interfering with their will. A better solution would be to realize what’s making your loved one smoke, and try to address that underlying problem in a positive way. Is it stress? Anxiety? Loneliness? Addiction? Try a spell to bring peace and happiness to your loved one, and visualize that person happy and smoke-free. Perhaps a spell during the waning moon to remove your loved one’s addictions. Better yet, involve your loved one in the spellcasting; have them there helping you.

Also, an unfocused spell can be just as dangerous as a curse, whether the witch calls it a “white magic spell” or not. Magic makes use of energy, and energy takes the easiest path, or the path of least resistance – just like electricity. If you are unfocused when asking for money or wealth, the easiest way for that money to come to you might be for a dear relative to die and you gain the inheritance. This is certainly something you don’t want, and would definitely not land in the realm of “white magic spells”, no matter what your unfocused intent was. This is why it’s important for you to learn to visualize the outcome you want, and to carefully consider any spellcasting you intend to do from all of the possible angles.

Remember that witchcraft is working with energy, and energy is neutral. It’s not black or white, it’s not good or bad. It’s a tool, and how you use the tool is important.

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Spells for Beginners: The 3 Essentials


Witchcraft is more than lighting a candle, saying a catchy rhyme, and getting what you want. I’ll be writing a series of posts highlighting spellcasting and spells for beginners.

There are 3 key components to a successful spell, and usually it’s the first two of these that cause a beginning witch to have a fizzled spell:

1. Focusing your will
You have to have your will focused on the outcome of what you want. There are no doubts involved. You must believe this will happen. There’s no “I want”, “I wish”, “I hope”, or “It would be really nice if” involved – it simply will happen. That’s all there is to it. If you have any doubts about what you’re doing, this is where they’ll surface.

Visualizing is essential for beginner spell casters.2. Visualize your outcome
Being able to visualize the outcome you’re working towards in detail is essential. It’s like having a concrete goal that you can aim for. Instead of saying “I want to live in a cabin in the woods”, be able to actually picture that cabin in the woods. It’s not good enough to have this fuzzy idea of yourself “being wealthy one day”. You really need to be able to identify what “being wealthy” means to you, and how your life would look if you were wealthy (or whatever your spell entails). It’s important to realize that we’re working with energy here – and as any electrician will tell you, energy always takes the path of least resistance. For instance, unfocused, “wealth” could come to you through an inheritance from the death of a loved one. Definitely not something you want to happen.

3. Focusing the intent of your spell during the correct phase of the moon (waxing or waning).
The phase the moon is in will determine the perspective your spell takes. For example, do you want to gain wealth or do you want to banish poverty? Do you want to stop smoking or live smoke-free? They both have the same aim, but a different approach.
For more on this, see my post about Working spells and potions with moon phases.

I can hear you thinking now, “But what about candles? Incense? Crystals and all that other stuff?”
Those things are not necessary. They help, most definitely, and are great if you can get them – but they aren’t necessary. Most of these “spell ingredients” are simply physical objects that help you to focus your will and intent, or to symbolize some part of the spell or someone involved in the spell (usually yourself).

I’ve explained the moon phases in more detail, and I’ll be explaining the first two in more detail in upcoming posts. Just look for the spells for beginners tag.

Blessed Be!

Gorgeous cabin photo by Hotblack.

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Separating Real Witches from Wicca

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I’ve long said that there’s a difference between real witches and real wiccans.
They *can* be both, but they aren’t automatically both. There are many, MANY real witches that aren’t Wiccan.
Witchcraft is just that… a craft. Like cooking. It can be learned by anyone.
Wicca, on the other hand, is a religion.

I found a great video on YouTube that explains it quite nicely:

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Working Spells and Potions with Moon Phases


Spells and potions - Moon Phases

Spells and potions work is best done during certain phases of the moon, according to what type of spell you’re doing. During the waxing moon (the time leading up to a Full moon, when the moon is getting fatter) you’ll want to do “attracting to you” spells, such as love spells, money spells, and healing spells – things that you would want to attract to you. You’ll also want to do your cleansing spells during this time. During the waning moon (the time leading up to a New moon, when the moon is getting slimmer) you’ll want to do spells of a more “repulsing from you” nature; defensive spells, warding, releasing stress, chasing away illness (which is much like healing, but with a different focus).

Of course the strongest time to do either of these types of spells and potions is during either New moon itself (attracting, as the New moon begins the waxing phase) or the Full moon itself (repulsing, as the Full moon begins the waning phase).

An easy way to think of it is this: as the moon is coming in (waxing), it brings things with it. As the moon is leaving (waning), it takes things away.

Here’s a list of all of the moon phases for 2010 (this is a good thing to copy down or print out and post in a prominent place!):
Spells and Potions moon phases schedule

Of course, any spell can be done at any time of the month, as long as you have the right focus.
For example, to bring more money into your life, during a waxing moon you’d want to attract money.
During a waning moon you’d want to banish poverty.
See? Same end result, just a different focus.

Paying attention to the moon phases is also helpful in daily life, not just when working white magic spells and potions. During a waning moon, for example, you’ll find that it’s much easier to declutter your garage, stop smoking, trim your rosebushes. These are all things that fit in perfectly with the “taking away” aspect of the waning moon. Think of things you could do, then, during a waxing moon (“bringing in”). You could bring home a new pet. Move into a new home. Plant your garden (but serious long-time garden witches tell me to only plant above-ground plants during the waxing moon; save the below-ground plants/roots/tubers like carrots and potatoes for the waning moon). Start that new project you’ve been thinking about.

White magic spells are heavily dependent on the moon, and many pagans follow the path of the Goddess as a religion. The Goddess is the moon; her consort, the God, is the sun. Women who pay attention to their bodies will find that physically, the phases of the moon affect them as well. Of course there is our menstrual cycle, which is based entirely on a 28-day lunar cycle. Then there’s the fact that women have more water in their bodies than men – and the moon affects all water on the planet with her pull. We may find ourselves more stressed out or cranky during a full moon. As for myself, I’m a nocturnal creature; I stay up until the dawn and then sleep in a couple of short snatches during the day. Even while working a “normal” job, my sleep cycle refused to cooperate with society’s 9-5 mindset, which of course made working extra hard for me. However, it made working spells and potions just dandy!

So, if you are a woman, tune yourself into the moon. If you’re a witch who is turning to paganism spiritually, the moon is going to become very important to you. And of course, for working spells and potions, you should always know what phase the moon is in and attune your work to it.

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Do Real Witches Exist?

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The simple answer is, yes. 

Now, are they the same “witches” that you see in movies, on television, and read about in books? Most likely not. Very few forms of media show witches in a realistic light, because it wouldn’t be as sensationalist and exciting if they showed the real thing.

noblemartyr1 Do Real Witches Exist?When thinking of witches, most people will conjure up one of two images in their mind: that of the Salem witch, or a black-hatted, wart-nosed, green-skinned “Halloween” witch.

The truth is, witches existed long before the Salem Witch Trials, and while they do have a very significant tie to what is now known as Halloween, they certainly don’t look anything like the typical Halloween witch costume.

Witchcraft, or at least the rituals and activities that we now refer to as witchcraft, can be traced back as far as written history goes. It was not tied to one single geographical area, nor one religion, nor one culture. Some cultures had shamen, some medicine women, some simply “village healers” — all of which would now be referred to as “witches”.

Ask any witch what type of witch he or she is, and the answers you will get are as varied and colorful as the people themselves. That’s because witchcraft itself is not one set religion with one set of rules; it is not even a religion. Some witches choose to blend religion with their witchcraft, but you can be a witch without being any certain religion (or any religion at all).

There are Celtic witches, Gardnerian witches, green witches, white witches, Wiccans, shamanistic witches… the list goes on. Generally, we can be referred to as “Neo-Pagans”; “neo” meaning “new”, or “revived”, and “pagan” meaning simply not being Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Hindu (the four most popular religions).

Even though we do come from varied backgrounds, cultures, and practices, there are certain things that tie us all together:

  • Non-christian witches do not worship Satan. We do not even believe in Satan. Satan is a creation of Christianity, and “Satanism” is a branch of Christianity, just as “Catholicism” or “Protestantism” is. You must be Christian to believe in Satan. Yes, there are christian witches and yes, they believe in Satan. You’ll find though, that most real witches are not christian and therefore, do not believe in Satan.  
  • We believe that each person is responsible for themselves and their actions; whether they’re a witch or not.
  • We believe that there is something that ties everything together; a force, an energy that lies within each of us and everything around us – the trees, the flowers, the animals, the earth. It can’t be scientifically explained; but then again, there are many things that can’t be scientifically explained. We know all about the germination of seeds and how a flower grows. But what tells the seed to start germinating? It certainly doesn’t have a little thermometer inside of its shell that tells it when it’s warm enough. It doesn’t have a brain that can determine whether the last frost has come, that the amount and quantity of light is sufficient. Even as studied and broken down scientifically as such a simple thing is, there is still an element of mystery involved. That element of mystery is what all real witches believe in and rely upon. We know it’s there, we just can’t really explain it – no one can. Not even the top scientists in the world. Scientists will tell you, however, that there is energy in everything; even a boulder that appears to be sitting still; if you were able to look down to the molecular structure of that boulder, you would find its atoms vibrating with energy.
  • We believe that what you do eventually comes back to you. In plain english, the energy that you put out attracts that same type of energy to you. If you generate positive energy, positive energy will be attracted to you. The same goes for negative energy. Some witches would call this “karma”. Some witches would call this “the rule of three”; that whatever type of energy you put out, it will return to you three times, or one time intensified by a power of three. (For example, if you stole $100 from someone, you would lose something worth $100 three times, or lose something worth $300 in one fell swoop.)

Real witches exist, and they’re not just the quiet people who live away from society and keep to themselves. Today they are bankers, CEOs, stock brokers, doctors, teachers – anyone you know could be a witch. Some are involved with other witches in covens, some are solitary. Some practice with their family or friends. They practice witchcraft, they perform spells, they celebrate the turnings of the seasons.

Real witches are all around you.

Are you ready to join them in their wonderful, mystical world?

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