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Working Spells and Potions with Moon Phases


Spells and potions - Moon Phases

Spells and potions work is best done during certain phases of the moon, according to what type of spell you’re doing. During the waxing moon (the time leading up to a Full moon, when the moon is getting fatter) you’ll want to do “attracting to you” spells, such as love spells, money spells, and healing spells – things that you would want to attract to you. You’ll also want to do your cleansing spells during this time. During the waning moon (the time leading up to a New moon, when the moon is getting slimmer) you’ll want to do spells of a more “repulsing from you” nature; defensive spells, warding, releasing stress, chasing away illness (which is much like healing, but with a different focus).

Of course the strongest time to do either of these types of spells and potions is during either New moon itself (attracting, as the New moon begins the waxing phase) or the Full moon itself (repulsing, as the Full moon begins the waning phase).

An easy way to think of it is this: as the moon is coming in (waxing), it brings things with it. As the moon is leaving (waning), it takes things away.

Here’s a list of all of the moon phases for 2010 (this is a good thing to copy down or print out and post in a prominent place!):
Spells and Potions moon phases schedule

Of course, any spell can be done at any time of the month, as long as you have the right focus.
For example, to bring more money into your life, during a waxing moon you’d want to attract money.
During a waning moon you’d want to banish poverty.
See? Same end result, just a different focus.

Paying attention to the moon phases is also helpful in daily life, not just when working white magic spells and potions. During a waning moon, for example, you’ll find that it’s much easier to declutter your garage, stop smoking, trim your rosebushes. These are all things that fit in perfectly with the “taking away” aspect of the waning moon. Think of things you could do, then, during a waxing moon (“bringing in”). You could bring home a new pet. Move into a new home. Plant your garden (but serious long-time garden witches tell me to only plant above-ground plants during the waxing moon; save the below-ground plants/roots/tubers like carrots and potatoes for the waning moon). Start that new project you’ve been thinking about.

White magic spells are heavily dependent on the moon, and many pagans follow the path of the Goddess as a religion. The Goddess is the moon; her consort, the God, is the sun. Women who pay attention to their bodies will find that physically, the phases of the moon affect them as well. Of course there is our menstrual cycle, which is based entirely on a 28-day lunar cycle. Then there’s the fact that women have more water in their bodies than men – and the moon affects all water on the planet with her pull. We may find ourselves more stressed out or cranky during a full moon. As for myself, I’m a nocturnal creature; I stay up until the dawn and then sleep in a couple of short snatches during the day. Even while working a “normal” job, my sleep cycle refused to cooperate with society’s 9-5 mindset, which of course made working extra hard for me. However, it made working spells and potions just dandy!

So, if you are a woman, tune yourself into the moon. If you’re a witch who is turning to paganism spiritually, the moon is going to become very important to you. And of course, for working spells and potions, you should always know what phase the moon is in and attune your work to it.

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